A metal fabrication shop's success and the employer-worker connection



这将是我在fabricator.com上的最后一篇文章,and I honestly can't think of a better topic to end what's been the unbelievable journey I never anticipated when I began working for the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association in 1998.But that's another story.

This post is about a shop's (any organization's,for that matter) culture,and how important it is to click with that dynamic,if you want to become a team player and work toward the success of the shop and its workers.I have seen employees who "fit" andthose who didn't.I'm sure you have also.Maybe you have held jobs in places where you did not,不能,and didn't want to fit.Not all shops and cultures are healthy.(Far too many aren't,if you agree with Jason T.,quoted later in this post.) If it doesn't feel right,leave it behind when you can.Toxic jobs can wreck your health and relationships.生活太短了,不可能这样胡说八道。I know,because I have a lot of years behind me,have left a toxic job,我正以一份体面的工作从一份充实的工作中退休,worthwhile organization that serves the metal fabrication industry—the backbone of America.

This topic was inspired by a近期职位by Nick Martin of BarnesMetalcrafters,Wilson,N.C.,which was featured in this month's issue of "制造更新." Nick said,“像大多数商店一样,ours has a ‘culture.' The dynamic of how things work often is unspoken and can't be explained.A lot goes on to make products successfully,因此,致力于这种文化或流程是我们这样的小商店成功的原因。Having or finding the right people to make this happen is one of the biggest keys to our success."

At the end of this item in the newsletter,we asked readers to share their thoughts about Nick's theory.


Robert M.说,"I work in a 9-person laser cutting services shop.We had one employee who was recently let go.His work ethic was awful and his willingness to help others was nonexistent.The boss finally let him go,但也许太晚了几年。和他一起工作很痛苦。He had no desire to improve performance or get a better knowledge of his machine controller.Even very simple fixes an operator should perform he demanded the part be reprogrammed.

"Simple courtesy,like moving parts from his laser to deburr,he was so reluctant to do.这几乎每一次都会减慢交付给客户的速度。我们被那个家伙困住了,because new hires were nowhere to be found.网上招聘广告几个月来没有任何回应。And then a shop closed due to owner medical issues,我们找到了他的替代者。The two operators could not be more different.新来的操作员在第一天就把手册带回家,试图了解更多信息;the old operator was unwilling to learn.

"I was joking to my coworker that with the new operator,going home was peaceful and headache-free.He has only been there four days,我们的血压当然下降了!”

其他人也认同罗伯特的观点,but not everyone put all the blame for the disconnect on the worker who doesn't make the cut.

The Employer's Role

杰森T。shared some important insight about what he's seeing in terms of the employer - employee relationship.

"Question: What is Nick doing for the advancement and improvement of his staff,or is it lip service and a one-way street?你为我努力工作,废话,瞎说,瞎说,你会更加享受你的工作。”(杰森,我鼓励你多读一些Nick's posts.This operation is very much focused on its employees' well-being and professional advancement.The shop is a family.)

Jason continued,“工资一直很低,(uneducated) managers feel that they are in authority just because they employ you without the credentials to back up their positions.They treat staff like robots and undermine them at any opportunity.

"Quote from John Saunders NYCCNC: ‘Staff are like a machine or asset.You don't employ them expecting to fill every hour of every day for them as a prerequisite;you get a machine as an investment.The machine then proves its worth by increasing your capacity.'


"Employers are great at spouting how despondent staff are at work,but when do they have a meaningful meeting with their staff about what changes can be made to improve their working conditions?如果你不投资修理或者不注意你的机器,they will eventually respond in the same manner as your staff.

“技能短缺是管理不善的另一个后果。你必须雇用合适的人来做合适的工作。This foolish ambition of companies over the last 20 years to only employ graduates has led to a lack of available craftsmen and women.

"The salary is yet another turn-off,who wants to work for the same wages as a public servant janitor when they are a skilled craftsperson.

"Face-to-face recruitment—when companies show such little regard for whom they employ by using agencies or recruitment consultants,然后他们基本上告诉你,当他们接受你的申请时,他们会和你站在一起。They are not interested in you and don't care who you are.

"The oil giants introduced coffee bars into their offices and provided flexible working hours and child care in-house.他们宣布他们的生产力提高了,the staff were happier,大多数人超过了预期的工作时间。他们喜欢去工作。

"The unfortunate situation for modern employers is that their staff are tech-savvy and more informed than at any other time in history.So why is it the Victorian working conditions are starting to slip back in?Bosses want higher and higher salaries,and yet the staffs' wages have remained stagnant in real terms over the last 20 years;裁员,and yet employers still want the same amount of productivity and constantly look for ways of cutting costs and maximizing profits.

"During the late 90s and early 2000s,businesses made the brave move of reducing the last costing which was affecting their bottom line—manpower.工作满意度下降,the decline in the number of skilled people prepared to work for peanuts,and the overall decline of productivity are all directly linked.

"If a CEO of a company happens across my CV and invites me to an interview my first question is,‘What's in it for me?' It's great you have a successful business and a holiday home in the Hamptons,but why would i want to take insults from someone who is no better person than me,work until it makes me ill,and still barely afford to meet my bills and health insurance?

“我们需要更多吉百利的类型老板,the chocolate manufacturer who built homes and towns for his employees,taking workers out of the Victorian slum existence.

"People are your greatest asset.Unfortunately,公司不再希望经营成功的业务;they merely wish to run a maximum-profit one.The cost is your staff.请不要抱怨员工的留用,另一方面也不要对他们说废话。You are merely wasting oxygen.The first employer to hold up their hand and say,‘Do you know what?I'm going to put my staff first?' will be hailed by workers and hated by other bosses;they will get to pick the best employees,as they will have to turn so many applicants away.

"In the machining world Boeing is considered one of the best to work for.It has the best staff retention,the best working conditions,and is not afraid to invest in people and equipment.All machinists dream of working for the company.

"I would work for Boeing.I wouldn't even ask what the salary was going to be at the interview,because I would just know I would be well-treated.


“这是我的想法。I will set a challenge: let's see who will pick up the gauntlet,男人起来,and face the argument that employees are unhappy and disconnected from the workplace.Then we can have a real discussion about the future for manufacturing and productivity.他们会简单地把我的评论当作是那些在工作场所不满的人的评论。这不是重点吗?”英国williamhill

杰森的观点是正确英国williamhill的,no matter what size company is being discussed.It's a two-way street,my friends.Employers much care about employees' welfare,and employees must be committed to the company's success.If one of these conditions is not met,the result is a toxic,nonproductive workplace that is detrimental for all concerned.

As my career in the metal fabricating industry comes to an end,祝大家身体健康,在家里和工作中的美好关系,and good fortune.I could not have landed in a better industry.Metal fabricating is the best.哦,and keep sharing your thoughts about the industry with those of us in associations that support you.你和你的想法很重要。